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Why Lady Gaga Is A Role Model for Girls

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We’re all about original content at WeAretheRealDeal.

But when I saw this post on Facebook (via Courtney Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, which I reviewed here), I couldn’t help but share this kick-ass article by a high-schooler, Lilly @

I’m linking to it in full (no excerpts!) it’s that good.

I happen to love Lady Gaga’s music, and really respect her as an artist.

And reading Lilly’s words (which I found to be spot-on) only reaffirmed my adoration for her as a woman and a role model for today’s girls, who get bombarded by so many mixed messages in the media.

No, she’s not perfect–no one is!– and maybe she isn’t the ideal role model for every girl … but I think Lady Gaga truly epitomizes MizFit’s notion of “Unapologetically Myself.”

The world needs more women like Lady Gaga, who isn’t afraid to be herself. Don’t you think?

How about you? What do you think of Lilly’s analysis of Lady Gaga as a role model for girls?


12 Responses to “Why Lady Gaga Is A Role Model for Girls”
  1. Candice says:

    Love, love, LOVE the blog post and Lady Gaga. Lilly managed to put my not-fully-formed thoughts on Lady Gaga into words. I think her p.o.v. is right on. I also think your point that she’s not perfect – no one is – but that she epitomizes being “unapologetically herself” is also right on.

  2. Joy Manning says:

    I am so smitten with Gaga that I myself blogged about her last week:

    And I felt kind of embarrassed and like the odd woman out when I declared my love for her and not a single one of my readers commented. But this makes me feel better. Thanks for the link!

  3. lynn says:

    She will fall like the rest, there is always someone who you love and adore that joins the hollywood club.

  4. Forestroad says:

    Hmm, I went into that article pretty skeptical bc Lady Gaga is a character/persona and when that character is earning Stefani Germanotta et al. millions, it’s probably not such a challenge to put on the leotard and walk out the front door. Also the bit about her not being particularly pretty or skinny…um what? Has the author seen the Bad Romance video?

    But Lilly’s piece was actually pretty convincing. I may be confusing Gaga with Katy Perry, but one of them was actually reluctant to label themselves a feminist in public at first, and then ultimately changed their mind, which I thought was pretty cool. I’ll certainly take Gaga over Heidi Montag and her 10 plastic surgeries any day.

  5. heart says:

    Firstly, I want to say I really enjoyed reading Lilly’s perspective on this. I think she’s encouraging people to take a closer look at Lady Gaga and think about what they see, rather than reach some superficial or artificial opinion as a habit or a cop-out.

    But can we talk about what a role model is? What the term really means? Lissa, Candice, Heather, MIZFIT (where ya been, sweetie?), anyone? I think the term is being misused or even abused fairly regularly here.

    Someone presented as a standard of beauty (or intelligence, or charisma, or style, or any one thing) is not a role model. A role model is a person, performing an action or actions (a “role”), that other people can observe and then imitate if they feel that the person’s actions were admirable or otherwise effective in a desirable way. That’s how I view the term. Mileage may vary, and I think we ought to talk about how we define “role model”, in order to understand each other better and clarify our thinking about what makes a good role model & who are role models today & are we choosing our role models or just assuming that people we see in the media are role models? Bias disclosure: I see a lot of assuming going on here (but I want to be clear I’m not talking about Lilly, whose piece was thoughtful).

    Will the blog authors please consider taking this on explicitly?

  6. truthbe known says:

    It’s funny how we are SO BRAINSWASHED into thinking that Lady Gaga is SO true to herself & a role model, PLEASE!!!!! Lady Gaga is the latest illuminati PUPPET & her every move is a well thoughtout plan. When will be robots of the world GET IT?
    If you don’t agree……………do your research, PLEEEEAASSSEE, people!
    Look up illuminati puppet….I bet she’ll be the 1st but most of the entertainment industry is control by the elite. Get you own brain people….get out of the matrix, geez!

  7. .C. says:

    I agree with ForestRoad. Lady Gaga is both pretty and skinny.

    However, I don’t care. I like her, and that has nothing to do with it. I also like looking at her, and that might have something to do with that, but it’s pretty immaterial.


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