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Look out…CURVES AHEAD in V Magazine

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Just got this tip from Kat from Germany on the preview of V Magazines “Size” Issue scheduled to be on newsstands by January 14th. So what do we think?



27 Responses to “Look out…CURVES AHEAD in V Magazine”
  1. Mish says:

    my first reaction is from such an engrained place..wow..they’re big.

    then I take a step back and say ‘they look like real women’..like me.

    thank heavens my engrained reactions, which I am NOT proud of is being challenged.

    • Jenn says:

      I really admire you for being able to access and analyze your thought process! that kind of personal insight is really a great trait! : )

  2. Meems says:

    I’ve written about this shoot a bit, but what I love most about it is how it makes me reexamine my attitudes towards myself. The model second from left in the first picture after the jump has a build that’s very similar to mine. Looking at her, I think she’s gorgeous. Looking in the mirror, I still struggle to really like what I see. The cognitive disconnect is pretty jarring.

  3. Uhh… These are TOTALLY retouched! No cellulite, no double chins, porcelain-smooth skin… OK, they’re big. Also very, very retouched. Not that anyone really wants to see cellulite.

    • Sarah Hannah says:

      Not that anyone really wants to see cellulite.

      Speak for yourself…What’s wrong with cellulite?

    • Allison (Balance in Bites) says:

      It makes sense that they are retouched…. magazines retouch EVERYTHING. Doesn’t matter how skinny a model is; they’ll still be retouched.

  4. Hannah says:

    I love it! It’s a huge step in the right direction!

  5. Emily S. says:

    These photos actually remind me a of the “Amazon Women” supermodels of the late 80s – tall, curvy, stacked. I think that the Cindy Crawford type models might have even been closer to this than they were the 90’s-00’s prepubescent or starvation-chic ascetic. Oh what a difference 20 years makes!

  6. Shhhh says:

    I’m with Mish in that my first thought was “big”. Not proud of that, but there you go.

    My second thought was WOW they are beautiful women.

  7. ronisweigh says:

    My first reaction was


    These women are beautiful, sex, hot, amazing because they believe they are. Just look at them. They ARE!

    Gorgeous! I love it!

  8. Kat says:

    I confess it. It was me who spilled the “news” to you.
    And i also have to admit that i join the circle of people whos first impression was ” woah big.”. Sad but true.

    Than instantly another thing popped into my mind:
    (Besides them being beautyful no matter what size they wear))
    Are these “real women”? Does the average sized-normal-eating woman look like them? I look around me, but i cannot tell. Well OF COUSE they look more average then the usual skinny-runway-waifs BUT are they really closer to “normal”? At the moment, sadly my mind is too biased with the usual waify look, that i am not sure of what i see.

    What do you guys say. Are they close to average?

    • Emily S. says:

      Hey Kat-

      Speaking as a healthy eating size 12 (who is much shorter than these ladies), if I had to guess I would put them at size 10-18. Which would be hovering right around the US average of size 14 – in fact they may even still be on the small size, especially give that they are significantly taller than the average 5’4”.

      But I wonder what your comment “normal eating women” mean. Is normal eating intuitive, well-balanced meals? Is normal eating dieting-but-not-quite-ED? Is normal eating the stereotypical fast-food and sodas?

      I think a lot of women, when eating healthy and moving regularly (without being obsessive) probably look like this. I know I do. But I have no idea if that is “average”. With everyone striving so hard to change their body, it’s hard to know what is natural and what is forced.

      • Emily S. says:

        “in fact they may even still be on the small size” was supposed to say “in fact they may even still be on the small side” – meaning, they may be the average size, but much taller than the average woman, still turning out a little thinner-than-average proportionally.

  9. Laura Preston says:

    I think they are absolutely STUNNING AND GORGEOUS!! I am in awe. They are obviously retouched but I say hats off …where do I sign up to be next?

  10. lissa10279 says:

    It’s good to see a broad array of women in print/online now, not just the stereotypical models of yore. I’ll be honest, I don’t covet their figures the way I might covet Jennifer Hawkins’, but I think they’re ALL beautiful and am glad we’re seeing more non-traditional women on display. It’s a step in the right direction.

    Now if only airbrushing and PhotoChop would just die a slow painful death, we could see what real women look like sans makeup (did anyone see this pic of Jessica Simpson? It was crazy to see how different she looks without her face all done up. She’s still gorgeous, but she looks more natural for sure without it all caked on).


  11. FatNSassy says:

    Truly gorgeous! If I had had this ideal growing up, it would have saved so much wear and tear on both my physical and emotional health. Because this ideal was attainable for me, it would have inspired me to take care of my body! The impossible ideals just made me torture it when I was in my thin is better brainwash, then turn completely away for everything health and fitness.

  12. Meredith says:

    I’ve always been a fan of fuller-figured models. There’s a great site with many images of plus-size models here:


    They’re all gorgeous.

    The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  13. cggirl says:

    I love it! I immediately thought wow these girls are very sexy. And my next thought was maybe I would look sexy in a photo shoot like this too!
    I bet my husband would love that.

    Btw ronisweigh- I totally agree with you about the confidence!!

  14. This is a beauty shoot, not a fashion shoot. They are all gorgeous girls, but it reinforces the played-out “You’ve got such a pretty face, if only…” meme by not clothing the models in high fashion. For V Magazine (which hires the best of the best stylists every time) to leave them half-naked is a massive fail. A couple of pairs of jeans, skyscraper heels, OTT makeup and massive amounts of retouching? That’s it?? They threw us a crumb, not a bone.

    Also…why is the girl in the leopard body suit not in the main group shot? She is shown in the preview video in the middle of the group, but where is she in the final photo?

    There are other questions I’d ask of V Mag as well, starting with “What the hell did you do to Crystal in this photo?”

    Check out MODE Magazine, hot models over a size 10, and much more at RunwayRevolution.com

    • Frances says:

      YES, I completely agree! And what stylist would put someone in double denim? I never thought I’d see the Texas Tuxedo in a high fashion magazine…

  15. michelle says:

    all I have to say is BRAVO!!!!! bout time!!!! real women are what we are…..not barbiedoll wannabe’s…not plastic parts….not made over used to be’s…..weare the real women….the ones a real man always comes back too 🙂

  16. Do you know that Lady Gaga covers the latest issue of VMagazine. Its also available for iPads with an exclusive 2.5 minutes of video from her upcoming second studio album – Born This Way, (which is due for release on 23 May). Check it out at Other Edition Newsstand.


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