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Shame on People Magazine

January 4, 2010 by  
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Did anyone else happen to see this lovely little interactive “Battle of the Bulge” feature in People magazine? Celebs who “battled the bulge” and won? OY VEY.

Three of these women were PREGNANT this year!!! WTF?!

That “bulge” of which they speak, is a BABY BUMP! Give them a break!

While some of those weight loss stories are nice to read about and inspirational (Kelly Osbourne, to name one), I think categorizing pregnant women in the same category as these “bulge-battlers” just seems ridiculous to me!

Yes, it’s wonderful they lost weight post-baby — but do they need to be in the same grouping as celebs who lost weight?

Shouldn’t they have a separate category if they’re going to be “ranked”? I’ve never been pregnant, but isn’t it a bit mean and degrading to these new moms to call battling baby weight “battling the bulge”?

Let’s be real here; all sorts of new body image issues come enough with pregnancy — why make it even worse by including those new moms in this listing — especially knowing the average woman doesn’t have trainers, nannies and nutritionists on hand like many of these new moms?!

How about you? Am I alone here in my anger at this article?


7 Responses to “Shame on People Magazine”
  1. beautifuldancer says:

    I don’t even know what to say to this. Maybe if THEIR mother’s had beaten their “bulges” we wouldn’t have them around to make women feel bad about gaining weight during pregnancy.

  2. Bri says:

    WTF??? Wow.

    Ok, so I’m aware it can take some time to get your “shape” back after pregnancy, and that some in-public-eye women might work hard to do so. (Ignoring for the moment the fact that producing a living child might cause a few bodily changes that we might want to just embrace, rather than work our postpartum butts off to eliminate.)

    Heck, I wouldn’t even give them too hard of a time if they showed these women 2 weeks postpartum (as the “before”) and 6 months after (or whenever) – if they want to show weight loss/fitness following baby.

    But seriously??? Showing a 9-month-pregnant body (and still incredibly slender, each of them) and then the same slender, recovered body several months later? Why not show someone with an anaphylactic allergic reaction, and then applaud them for “losing the puffy look??”

  3. “WTF” is exactly right!

    The sad thing is…this is affecting SO many women who are pregnant or who are planning to get pregnant soon. My sister is 7 months pregnant and has had an ED in the past, and I really worry about how she feels pressure to lose the weight. Another friend of mine looks AMAZING (and just had her baby 6 months ago), yet is always down on herself for her “baby tummy” (her words).

    It just makes me not want to read these types of magazines when/if I get pregnant!

  4. Candice says:

    Uggghhh. I HATE these articles. I never knew that they had a real affect until a friend of my sister’s asked her (while she was still in the hospital recovering from her c-section!), “So, your body’s all back to normal immediately, right?” I was like, “WHAT?” But that’s what she seriously thought happened and I feel like irresponsible journalism pushes this idea along – that it’s not hard work and that everyone can do this. Not everyone snaps back; there’s a lot of genetics at work there. Heidi Klum is a Victoria’s Secret model for a reason (i.e. genetics plus any work she puts in via her diet and exercise plan).

    It’s frustrating and exhausting to even think about sometimes.

  5. Aisling says:

    Articles like that are having effect not just in the normal world but the celebrity world, mothers to be are dieting before they give birth so it is faster for them after they give birth there was a documentary on t.v about it. Not only are they putting their health at risk they’re also putting their unborn childs health at risk all so they can lose the “baby” weight. Seems a bit extreme when you could not only lose the weight but the baby too.

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