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UPDATED: Brittany Murphy had heart condition, yet rumors still swirl on cause of death.

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Curvier Brittany Murphy

Visably thinner Murphy earlier this month, December 2009

I woke up to the news that Actress Brittany Murphy had died. As actresses goes, she seemed to be relatively cool one, and really quite a beauty. To bad she didn’t know it.

Murphy died of cardiac arrest at age 32.

Rumors of drug use, anorexia and plastic surgery addiction are swirling, (updated 12/22) however now there is a report of an admitted heart condition.

The paparazzi vultures are all over this story at the moment, so as I bounced between TMZ and Huffington, the reports are all over the place, so I’ll keep an eye on the loss of this young talent.

But my gut tells me that the toxicology reports will come back with some sort of cause of death associated with the actresses recently shrinking frame and fragile appearance of someone who perhaps could not, would not, did not seek help for her ED.

Hooray for Hollywood,



UPDATED 12/22/09…more information on reported heart condition, eating disorder and/or drug abuse

Brittany Murphy’s husband told Access Hollywood that she had laryngitis (days leading up to her death) but it didn’t seem that serious.

Weight Issues

The 32-year-old, who appeared in films such as Clueless, 8 Mile and Girl, Interrupted, recently admitted to a journalist she was too thin.

“I am a bit thinner now than what I would like to be,” she told Fox News at a fashion event on December 3.

“I was a ballerina for a long time,” she told Fox News.

“I still take ballet lessons now – what it does to your body is incredible.”

Two days prior to that interview, the petite actress appeared thinner than usual in a smart black jumpsuit at the Los Angeles opening of her new film, Across the Hall.

Reported Heart Condition

“It appears to be natural,” L.A. County assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said yesterday. An autopsy was scheduled for yesterday, but results of toxicology tests may take weeks.

A heart attack doesn’t seem so far-fetched: In ’01, Murphy revealed that she had struggled with an unspecified heart condition since childhood.

Murphy had also told The Wrap columnist Michael Adams she had a heart condition “several years ago”.

“It was in an interview about (2001 film) Sidewalks Of New York but I asked her about other projects and she mentioned Spun,” Adams told The Wrap.

“I asked her – as a joke – if she’d taken meth for research and she laughed and said even if she wanted to she couldn’t take drugs because she’d had a heart condition since she was a little girl.”

Drug Abuse?

Many reports tell that Brittany was “out of it” on the set. Rumours of prescription drug abuse and health problems continue to swirl around her death, even as one of the star’s former directors defended her reputation.

Film industry news and gossip site The Wrap reported Murphy barely made it through the film she shot prior to The Caller.

“Her husband was her handler, he shuttled her around,” an unnamed source from horror film Something Wicked told the site.

“She was barely there.

“She’d go in and out of consciousness in the middle of takes.”

The director of ’90s smash hit Clueless, Amy Heckerling, spoke to the site about the drug rumours.

“Everybody’s shaking their heads and going ‘drugs’, of course,” she told The Wrap.

“I don’t know what was happening on the last movie.

“I know that, you know, she seemed to go through a change … on Clueless.

“Maybe she felt like she was not the, like, skinny, pretty girl, you know?

“And then the next few movies she was, you know, thinner, blonde … and going out with Eminem and Ashton Kutcher, and, you know, suddenly got more into that whole glamorous scene.

“I think she felt the pressure to become a different sort of commodity to survive in show business, and I think it was awful.”


15 Responses to “UPDATED: Brittany Murphy had heart condition, yet rumors still swirl on cause of death.”
  1. Mish says:

    I know this sounds bad…but in some ways I hope that it raises the profile of this disease in hollywood. No one, that we really know of, has died of anoreixa in recent history. I am surprised that many of the hollywood stars haven’t.

    may she rest in peace.

  2. Megan says:

    um..thats so sad i loved her moviess:(

  3. Candice says:

    Several of my friends wrote Facebook comments like, “How many celebs have to die from cocaine before we realize that it’s deadly?” A few suggested drugs plus anorexia. Of course we won’t know for sure until the reports are completed but it if is the case that her body succumbed to issues stemming from an eating disorder, that the Hollywood community doesn’t do their standard 5 minute “Isn’t that terrible? We should all eat more healthfully!” before the move on and nothing changes. (See: numerous celeb drug deaths and ED issues going back to Karen Carpenter and beyond.)

    We need people who own their role in the spotlight to say things like, “That habit you have? It will kill you in the end.”

  4. lissa10279 says:

    So sad, so very sad. I always liked her, esp when she sang “Rollin with my homies” in Clueless. 🙂

  5. Meems says:

    Let’s reserve judgment until we actually know what happened. The Los Angeles coroner is doing an autopsy, and I expect that the results will be made public (since they are for pretty much ever celebrity who dies young).

    I had a teacher when I was a kid who died of a heart attack at age 32. No drugs, no eating disorder, just shitty luck. The younger a person is when he or she has a heart attack, the more likely it is to be fatal.

    • lissa10279 says:

      Meems, that’s a good point — this is all speculation right now. But any of us would probably agree, a 32-yr old dropping dead of a heart attack is pretty rare/suspicious. Perhaps it will be like the teacher you’re talking about, but there seems to be a lot working in the favor of something else.

  6. sleepydumpling says:

    Very sad however it happened. She was an adorable and talented young woman. But yes, she seemed to be shrinking and her lips getting bigger. It worried me some time ago.

  7. Meems says:

    In a sick way I’m glad that it was a heart condition, rather than the result of drugs or an eating disorder – no one needs to be blamed for their own death. I know it doesn’t shut everyone up, but at the very least, this is clearly not the result of anything she did to herself.

  8. Mason Adams says:

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  9. Heart attack could be prevented with exercise, diet and some food supplements like CoQ10.-`.

  10. Lawn Aerator says:

    heart attack is very common these days, it is because of a high fat diet and lack of exercise .-;

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