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Carrie Underwood: Photoshop Victim?

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We found this photo and post on Jezebel today and just had to share.

Take a good look at country crooner Carrie Underwood.

What do you think? This is the January 2010 cover of SELF magazine (which I’ve already bashed re: the Sept. 2009 Kelly Clarkson cover debacle).

Do you think it’s a royal Photochop hack-job, too? Notice her thighs. They look ridiculously fake to me (and the Jezebel contributor).

I adore Carrie Underwood (I blogged about her engagement as a stark contrast to Brittany Murphy’s untimely death) … but I can’t imagine she’s pleased with this clear mutilation of her already-beautiful body.

Her legs look plastic, shiny … like Barbie’s. They don’t even look real.

I’d love to know how badly MEN are Photo-chopped, if at all. Does anyone know, or have an example to share?


No Responses to “Carrie Underwood: Photoshop Victim?”
  1. Brandie says:

    I think they did more than just slim her thighs, looks like they whittled her waist a bit, but left her hips alone. If her thighs were REALLY that thin, I think her hips would be a bit thinner. Definitely a photoshopping issue.

  2. Shelly says:

    I dont know…ok, I will be honest and say, I dont think they are photoshopped. When my husband and I watch tV occassionally we will see carrie underwood, like in a video or on some E crap show and he always comments on her legs (as in they are nice, which I dont even mind at all because seriously, it is a fact of life, but whatever) and they may have photoshopped them to make them look shiny and plastic, but in terms of thinness she looks about the same as she does in person.(waist too). The girl is thin. Carrie Underwood could have some disordered eating/body image issues because I have read that she is very concious about what she eats and her exercise routine.

    • lissa10279 says:

      I totally agree she’s thin, Shelly — I don’t think they butchered her like Kelly … but the thighs … they just look unnaturally chopped. Then again, maybe you’re right — her legs are thin … they just look fake I guess in comparison to her hips (which look ample and healthy)

  3. Megan says:

    Not sure about the photoshop, but she is a vegan/vegetarian which could explain her healthy body.

  4. lissa10279 says:

    Ooh thanks Roni! I think we women need to see more of that; while it sucks that anyone can be retouched that much, it’s good to know we women aren’t alone.

  5. Forestroad says:

    To me it looks like they added that sliver of green to make it look like she has a gap between her thighs…at the bottom of the sliver it looks like they took out a few extra pixels; my thighs go in and then out again at the top like that, but that angle is unnaturally sharp. God forbid the woman’s thighs should touch.

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