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Miss Lori says her Mii avatar won’t weigh her down.

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I was very lucky recently to be invited to host a party for the Wii Fit Plus. 16 of my girlfriends and I gathered and learned about the game. Then we got to practice our moves amidst laughter and cackles. It was fun! I was able to bring the game and balance board home to share with my children. They couldn’t wait to get the box open, so I let them get on and dive into the program first. They each created a fitness profile, which involved weighing them, and establishing their BMI, (Body Mass Index). It took a really long time to get all of the info in place, so I decided to wait to do my own. (That way the kids could play games a little longer before bed.) The hour went by very quickly, and soon it was time for them to go to bed. With promises that they could play again in the morning I was finally able to get them down. Kids all tucked in, it was time for me to go to the living room and get on the balance board myself. I stepped on the board and began to set up my fitness profile. The unit magically weighs you, then asks you how much your clothes weigh, before showing you where you land on the fitness barometer. My little Mii avatar waited patiently on the left of the screen for the decree to be issued. Then something happened that I simply couldn’t believe. The BMI numbers started to roll and the thermometer rose, it landed me in the obese category. To add insult to injury, my sweet little Mii avatar simultaneously blew up, (like the blueberry girl in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). When all the action was over my inflated Mii avatar was doubled over looking severely dejected, and I was crying. It was seriously awful. I was taken by surprise by the action on the screen, and by my reaction as well. It was bad enough that I had to see that label, OBESE, blaring at me, but it was even worse to have my inflated avatar look so sad and beaten. You know, I am extremely aware that I am battling a weight problem. It is something that I face every day. However, I work very hard at maintaining my activity and my positive outlook. Just because I am carrying extra weight doesn’t mean that I am depressed, dejected and devoid of energy. I really resented being projected as such in a little avatar. Nevertheless, I dried my tears and carried on with my workout because I really enjoy the game. I was determined to prove that little Mii avatar wrong. Showing her, and the game, that I may have pounds weighing down my thighs, but they will never weigh down my smile.



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26 Responses to “Miss Lori says her Mii avatar won’t weigh her down.”
  1. Emily S. says:

    That is so wrong! The little Wii board and your data input cannot possible measure your “fitness” with that little information, not to mention come anywhere near your body shape.

    At 5’3” and a BMI of 30.5 I look nothing like a sad, dejected balloon. I’m a petite mega-hourglass, and quite happy that way!

    Why does every fitness program assume that weight loss is the goal??? If I got the Wii Fit Plus and stayed in the Obese category, would my Mii never stop looking sad?

    • MissLori says:

      Lucky for me the WIi Fit Plus game itself makes me SMILE. And it definitely makes my kids smile too. A double bonus. My Mii avatar is going to have to fight a little harder. LOL!

      SMILE On!


  2. HAHA! I had the same thing happen to me (see blog post link above)

    It’s been a little over a month now, and some days, my WiiFit age is 25; other days, it’s 52. I am still bouncing up and down around the same 5 pounds, which is REALLY frustrating and discouraging. But people tell me that I look good, so that’s a plus. On top of that, it’s fun and I seem to be sticking to it. Now I’m up to 1 hour per day, 4-6 days per week. So that in itself is a victory.

    Good luck!

    • MissLori says:

      Good for you. I am definitely a huge fan of WIi and Wii Fit Plus. I just close my eyes when the Avatar comes on. Same as I do at the Doctors office when they make me get on the scale! LOL!

      SMILE On!


      • EXACTLY, right?

        When the Wii gives me its attitude and is all, “That’s obese!” – I just say, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…” and move on.

        At least I try to, most days. 🙂

  3. mcm says:

    My sister asked me to get this for her family for christmas.
    My 9 year old neice is….round. If it made you cry, I am concerned about what that will do to her.

    Does it go through the same process for kids?

    Kids go through times of gaining weight, then gaining height, it is natural. How can a BMI measure take that into account.

    • MissLori says:

      My three kids are pretty lean so they weren’t a good test. It did give them a body age that was way off, however, it also posted a disclaimer that measurements won’t necessarily be correct fr children. Too many variables. For my eldest daughter who is 8, and as lean and trim as you can get, it actually gave her a body age in her late twenties. Plus it insinuated that she wasn’t strong. (Although I can’t remember the exact wording, but that was the gist). I just told my kids to completely ignore it and just play. They are really good games.

      SMILE On!


      • Nell says:

        Yep, it tells you that “you’re a bit/a lot weaker than your body should be”. I actually own the original WiiFit game but never felt any inclination to test it out. My roomie loves it, though, and I kind of chased her off the board this morning to have a go myself. I was not terribly impressed- I know that I’m the wrong clientele, doing quite a bit of high-intensity sports in my free time, but seriously, all you need to do to get results is learn how that stupid board reacts. In the beginning, I was in danger of being sent to the geriatric ward with a heart attack if you believed my Mii and my WiiFit age (which was 65, believe it or not). Ten minutes of getting to know the board through that table tilt game later I was my actual age.

        Don’t think I’ll continue playing regularly, though. Much more fun to run outside than in front of a TV, the rest of the workouts are too low-intensity for me. Well, maybe that Super HulaHoop game’s OK…

        Plus, that pseudo-cute electronic simpering of the animated board. UGH!

        Oh, and by the way: It blew up my Mii, too, because I have a BMI of over 22. Then it proceeded to tell me that I should make it my goal to eat healthy, exercise regularly and that I could get “the healthiest BMI of 22” if it helped me along. Funny, I thought the healthiest BMI is the one where your body is in balance, not some arbitrarily decided number?

        Well, like I said: Maybe this game is fun on a rainy day with a group of friends laughing about how silly one looks trying to ski on a stationary board but it’s not really doing anything for me with the whole annoyance factor figured in.

  4. Mish says:

    That’s a great attitude. It’s all about how you feel in life. Of course there are the health takes on ones weight..however a WII aviator or a scale shouldn’t determine your happiness. Keep rocking it woman. 🙂

  5. Joy Manning says:

    Miss Lori. That’s a terrible feature of the Wii Fit Plus! I just moseyed over to your video clips and I can tell you that you look like a gorgeous woman–not a lumpy avatar. How stupidly discouraging of the Wii people!

  6. lissa10279 says:

    Wow, Miss Lori…I’ve never used Wii Fit or any Wii products, but this would totally turn me off – esp. if it paints such an unhappy picture of someone based solely on weight!! Good for you not letting it weigh down your gorgeous smile!!

    • MissLori says:

      Well I hope you will still keep an open ind about the Wii. I have to say this is the only complaint I have. Otherwise it has been a great addition to our household. Hopefully they will make some changes going forward.

      SMILE On!


  7. mamaV says:

    Hey Girl: Wow – I am really, really surprised by this. I have got to believe Wii has received complaints on this?

    I am going to do a little detective work on this one…if anyone can grab a snapshot of what a child obese Mii Avatar looks like, that would be great, send it to

    I found this one online but it is overweight/adult
    Mii Avatar Overweight

    This is REALLY concerning for children, I can’t imagine having my child be confronted with this image of themselves.

    I’ll be back with what I dig up.

    • MissLori says:

      They have a disclaimer saying the measurements of children can’t be guaranteed to be accurate. My kids really love the games. They do them together and for the most part don’t fight. I just have them breeze past the fit tests.

      SMILE On!


  8. G says:

    This is the one thing I really hate about the Wii fit. It’s a fun game, but the categorizing of normal, obese etc really ticks me off , as do the associations with bodyshape you describe. I can get past this, but the me (mii?) of 10 years ago wouldn’t have been able to. She would have gotten depressed, angry with herself, and started dieting straight away, maybe skipping meals, and obsessively weighing myself.
    I think Wii should either get rid of this feature, or at least get rid of the connotations about the categories, and add the caveats about what the board can actually really say about an individual, the weaknesses of BMI etc. Oh, if I ruled the world….or worked at Nintendo…

    • MissLori says:

      I would be really surprised to hear that the designer is a woman. Don’t you think? This just isn’t a woman’s idea. I’m just guessing though.



  9. lmichelle says:

    i have played this with children. instead of saying overweight and obese, it says “at risk of being overweight” a little better for the morale. also, it did not seem to inflate quite as much as the adult, if at all

    the game is fun though!

  10. CL says:

    What an awful feature — wrong on so many levels. I’m glad you aren’t letting it get you down.

    It does make you wonder about who designed it — did they think this would appeal to people?

  11. sleepydumpling says:

    Here’s hoping that Nintendo get their crap together and realise that they’re alienating more of their customers than appealing to them, and change this stupid little feature.

  12. This is thoroughly disturbing. Blowing up like an exploding blueberry? NOT COOL, Nintendo!

    I have a neighbor who is the fittest, strongest person I know. The other night she was a little mopey because she said her Wii Fit told HER she was “obese”.

    You don’t know this woman but TRUST me when I say, no frickin’ WAY is she obese.

    Wii Fit is toying with peoples’ heads in a way that’s inconsistent with good health, and I must say, I don’t like it one bit. I’d like to see one of their competitors come out with a system that not only improves upon Wii, but whose fitness module is a tad more humane. Then I want to see them blow Wii totally off the gaming map. You SUCK, Nintendo.

  13. I was thinking about getting a Wii because I wanted a new gaming system because my loyal Nintendo 64 has began to wear out from my late night stressbusting sessions. I asked around and the Wii thing sound really great as did the Wii fit.

    But than I heard about this.

    I chose to not by a Wii specifically because I do not need a video game telling me negative things about my body. I get enough of that inside my own head some days so why would I want the TV to tell me that too. So I went and bought an Xbox. I can still get rid of stress without being told I need to workout more or that I am gaining weight or whatever.

  14. Entangled says:

    REALLY worrisome. I knew there was a scale built in and that turned me off to begin with as I try not to weigh myself – it helps me deal with my history and issues and all that.

    It would definitely set me off… I’m probably a few pounds short of “BMI-overweight”, but I have a large, strong frame, and do a lot of weight training. My brother’s the same way – he’s technically overweight but wears a 28 or 30 waist. We’re both active and muscular, thick-boned body types run in our family.

    For him, without any sort of super thin beauty ideals or eating disorder history, seeing his avatar puff up would probably be funny. But for me? It would bring back the same ugly voice telling me I’m just lying to myself and not muscular and that the thirty push-ups I did (full body, without a break, three times) the other day aren’t anything to be proud of.

  15. FatNSassy says:

    What a disgusting game. I hope you wrote the manufacturer. I can’t believe anyone would be that insensitive. It just goes to show you that SOME tech freaks really are clueless about social interaction and people skills. On the other hand, no one concerned with self-esteem should buy this garbage. At some point, we have to say no to the abuse. Not to mention weight and BMI are not sound scientific measures of health anyway.

    Height = 5″7″
    Weight = 240lbs
    Respect for those who want me to diminish = 0%

  16. NewWIIUser says:

    Perhaps if a few had feelings hurt they would be on the road to losing weight. Why should we hear we are in good physical shape when we lacked the motivation to stay in shape in the first place? Why else would you stare into a box to get in shape while in the privacy of your home?

    Getting children off the couch and outdoors is the best options. It’s pretty sad when I see kids who are round and parents trying to protect feelings.

    Society is a little too touchy with hurting feelings these days. Hurt or stressed feelings bring on motivation and results.

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