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You can bet this is going on my Netflix Que!

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Has anyone seen it? I just discovered it today!


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  1. So glad someone made a movie about this! I’m off to Netflix to add it to my queue too! Thanks Roni.

  2. G says:

    Looks interesting, thanks for sharing Roni

  3. heart says:

    Hmm… I’m left conflicted by seeing such a polished, slim Eve Ensler there at the end telling me to stop fixing my body. I’m sympathetic to weight fluctuations, up&down all the time myself, and really I am most concerned about the health consequences of being too heavy, but, umm, that is sort of fixing my body, isn’t it? And her makeup and hair straightening, what’s that if not “fixing”? This was Eve Ensler in 2007:

    Not quite what we see in this movie preview.

    But if you want to enjoy her talking about how & why she did The Vagina Monologues, here’s the TED talks clip:

    • .C. says:

      Makeup and straightening your hair are different than ‘fixing’. You can wear makeup because it makes you feel pretty – and true, starving yourself can make you feel pretty – but wearing makeup is not physically harmful in the same sense that an eating disorder or plastic surgery is.


  4. Jen says:

    I am watching this on Netflix right now. It will play instantly on your computer….

    I LOVE what Eve Ensler just said about an experience she had talking with a woman in Nairobi….. “Do you see that tree? Do you like that tree? Do you say this tree isn’t pretty because it doesn’t look like that tree? Do you say this tree is ugly because it doesn’t look like that tree? You’re a tree. I’m a tree. You’ve got to love your tree!”

  5. mamaV says:

    I saw this when it premiered in my city, and I had mixed feelings about it– particularly because the Director was there and I interviewed him. Aside from him seeming like a bullshitter, he was just, odd — he claims “he never heard of an eating disorder” before making the film.

    HUH? Are you alive and breathing in America dude?

    You can read my review here

    Its worth seeing, its disturbing, and covers a wide variety of topics… some old hat, some new. I’ll be interested in what everyone else thinks — I am sure its on video by now.

    • .C. says:

      Yes, I too have been shocked to hear of these things known as Eating Disorders. They must be something akin to Hysteria in the woman, and certainly can be treated by locking her up in a dark room for six months or a year, yes?

      P.S. When did this premiere? Is there anywhere you can watch it online for free? I don’t have Netflix.


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