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The Exposed Hall of Fame…part 2

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The list keeps growing, so I’ll keep documenting:

A Merry Life and Hilda from Living Out Loud

Our first two men!! Ron is getting healthy and Lance from Jungle of Life

Stephanie from Noshtopia, aka Back in Skinny Jeans, called her post “Feeding Body Gratitude”

Live for Love got in the game after reading the feature story on Jezebel who called this effort “Loving and Hating our Bodies, Diet Blog Style,” which I thought was kind of cool.

Live For Love got her buddy Billy to snap a shot of himself, and then when on to rave about his awesomeness;

I like how he’s so much taller than me, and the fact that his chest is big. Some of the best hugs I’ve ever received were by this boy. There’s something comforting about being able to hide in a hug.

I like how our hips are about the same size. Now only does this make me feel better about mine (hey, I’m not the only one with big hips!) but it also means we can more or less wear the same pants. This is kind of good to know in a pinch, I’d suppose.

But all in all, this boy is just amazing, and he needs to realize that.

We second that Billy boy.

Who’s up next?

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