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H1N1–No One’s Invincible

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Even bubble-wrap can't protect you from this pandemic...

I am honestly a terrible patient. I work so hard to stay healthy year-round (i.e., eating well, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, etc.) that when I get sick, it feels like a slap in the face, like my body is letting me down.

While most people probably love the idea of being forced to lounge on the couch and sleep all day, as a hyper-active person, I have to admit, that makes me pretty nuts … and yet it’s exactly what I need to be doing when I’m sick.

And sick I am.

You see, when I woke up Wednesday morning (after two weeks of constant travel and very little rest), I knew something was off.

No matter how healthy I am, usually after long flights (i.e., Tuesday night, heading back east from San Diego), I end up with some kind of upper-respiratory infection; it’s come to be expected over the years.

But this time something felt different. I was feverish, achy, had a sore throat. I was coughing, had a runny nose. I was congested and freezing cold, felt weak, etc.

For a moment, I feared H1N1, but pushed those fears aside, thinking I was just caught up in the media frenzy. In reality, it just seemed like a wicked, wicked cold, and I made it through the day.

But when I got home, and went to bed at 7 PM on Wed. and slept nearly 12 hours (seriously unheard of for me), and woke Thursday feeling even worse (chest even tighter, cough even deeper, head feeling like it weighed 900 lbs) I saw my doctor straight away.

After I shared my symptoms, and explained how it felt like it came on like a ton of bricks, he put on a gown and mask and did one of those in-office tests (they swab your nose–ugh!). The preliminary results (ready in 15 min.) came  back positive for H1N1.

Yup, I’m one of those statistics.

And knowing how deadly this illness can be, I’m being extra vigilant. I’m home from work til at least Monday, and I’ll need to sleep in a separate room from my husband, so as not to get him sick (especially since he leaves for a school-related trip to Germany on Sat.!). I’m washing my hands religiously, using antibac wipes on everything I touch, and am not leaving my house.

In all honesty, I don’t know that I could have prevented getting it; I think I just got “lucky.” I’ve always been pretty OCD about hand-washing, but we haven’t done our flu shots at work yet — and even if I could have had the H1N1 vaccine, I wouldn’t have been eligible for it anyway, given my age and the fact that I’m not pregnant.

So now I’m stuck at home for the next 4-5 days, on TAMIFLU (which was $50 even WITH insurance …), Robitussin DM (for the cough/congestion), and popping ColdEeze (to soothe my throat and symptoms). I’ve gone through a box of Kleenex and I’m keeping Panera Bread in business (I love their chicken noodle soup!)

Clearly, I have no energy to do much of anything, let alone exercise, which would have thrown me into a tizzy a year or two ago. And my appetite is minimal at best, ironic since as my dad always teases, “You were born hungry”!

In a way, as my mom noted to me, I think the timing was a blessing: I got sick after my trip to NJ, big work event in Chicago and conference in San Diego. It’s no fun being sick, but at least it’s after those two weeks of a ton going on.

All too often I find myself being critical of my body, but times like this, I just want my body–as it is–to heal, and will do whatever I need to in order to get better.

I’m just glad I got to the doctor early (within a day of feeling sick) and am resting and recovering at home. For people like me who can’t sit still and are always on the go …  sometimes I think being sick is actually a blessing.

Not that I wish H1N1 upon anyone (it’s quite miserable) but hopefully I caught it early enough and will be on the mend soon.

Til then, please, no oink-oink jokes. It hurts to laugh.

How about you? Have you (or your kids) been vaccinated? Have you (or your kids) gotten it yet?


24 Responses to “H1N1–No One’s Invincible”
  1. Meems says:

    I hate being sick, but also still have that whole teenage invincibility thing going on – despite being 25. I don’t get flu shots and still haven’t ever gotten the flu. I do take herbal “wellness” supplements and such when I feel something coming on or during flu season (like right now), but that’s about it.

  2. Cait says:

    Echoing the “feel better soon” wishes. I’ve known a bunch of people who’ve had it… it’s mighty fierce!

    Also, I absolutely love this sentence:

    All too often I find myself being critical of my body, but times like this, I just want my body–as it is–to heal, and will do whatever I need to in order to get better.

  3. Lisa says:

    It drives me nuts to be laid up sick as well… I like to be out and DOING things! But lots of rest is usually exactly what you need when you’ve got some awful virus. Hope you feel well soon!

  4. vitty10 says:

    Wow, sorry to hear that you’re sick! Take care and get lots of rest. And enjoy that delicious soup!

    I live in Canada, so far the H1N1 vaccine is only for high risk groups (pregnant women, people with respiratory illnesses . . .) People are trying to jump the line but I think that you have to have proof that you belong to a high risk group. There has been some controversy because the vaccine was given to such non-priority groups as professional athletes and hospital board members.

    I am on the fence about getting the vaccine. It is scary that this flu seems to be targeting young healthy people. But I don’t usually get sick. I had a bad reaction the last time I got a flu shot 8 years ago. I am seeing my doctor next week for an unrelated matter so I will ask her opinion.

    I don’t know anyone personally who has had it yet. I’ve known people who were sick but didn’t go to the doctor so they could have had it. People are being pretty vigilant about it. Sometimes when I get on the bus it stinks of Purell, and some stores are providing disinfecting wipes so customers can wipe the handles of their shopping cart.

    • lissa10279 says:

      Vitty, I think I’m living proof that you can be healthy as a whip and still get this awful illness. 🙁 I never get sick either…maybe once a year? This hit like a ton of bricks. 🙁 I think there’s really no act of prevention that works when it comes to this airborne illness.

  5. Wendy says:

    Hope you feel better soon!! Me and my two kids (2 and 4 yrs old) have been healthy so far this flu season *knocks vigorously on wood* . We’ve all had seasonal flu vaccines, but I haven’t had any luck tracking down H1N1 vaccines. I’m really, really hoping we’re going to luck out altogether, b/c H1N1 has already made the rounds in our local schools, including the one where my daughter attends preschool.

    Feel better soon!!! And give your body ALL the time it needs to heal. I’ve heard this flu tends to linger…

  6. .C. says:

    I had it. I know how you feel. They didn’t bother actually testing me, since it’s expensive and they said the treatment was about the same (rest) but that it was almost certainly swine flu. Take heart – I was better very quickly, considering. Just STAY FLAT ON YOUR BACK. This was near to impossible for me, because I am also very busy, but that’s what helped me. I found it nice to be sick for once and not have to worry about starving myself or rejoice in my lack of appetite as a way to lose a few pounds.


    • lissa10279 says:

      I was actually surprised they had tests on hand but I have to say, it put me at ease to get right on Tamiflu!!! I have been resting and am not leaving my bed (literally mine, as my hubby has been banned!) or the couch. I have very little appetite, but when I get hungry, am being sure to eat and mostly it’s been soup and toast and stuff like that. Calories and Points don’t really matter right now, and it’s nice in a way to not be worried about that. I just wish my chest didn’t hurt so bad; the cough/chest symptoms are the worst I think. It makes it hard to sleep restfully.

  7. laurelg1 says:

    I operate a school clinic, so you can’t imagine how many cases I have seen. Most have been minimal, while a few have been pretty tough. My kids got it back in July. One of them popped back, while my son is still suffering some issues related to it.

    What frustrates me the most are the people (ok parents, I said it) who disregard the doctors and the handbook rules and send the kids back to school anyway (medicated).

    I feel your pain. I have been sick for over a week now, but seem to be coming to the end of it. I have worked my job for 10 years and only been sick 3 times from it. But you are right, no one is immune. Until of course they get it!

    Take care!

  8. cggirl says:

    Aw so sorry u r sick. Rest a lot, and I hope u feel better real soon. Good for u for going to the doc right away! And don’t feel obliged to blog either! Space out and watch trashy tv if u like 🙂

    • lissa10279 says:

      Thanks cggirl!! Yea, I think going right away actually helped a ton. I feel a little better today, and am hoping to feel like myself by tomorrow.

      I def. don’t feel obligated to blog, but since there’s so little I can do, I figure I might as well work some brain cells. Besides, I like to think I’m issuing a PSA to those who think they’re immune (like I did). 😉

      Oh yes, mindless TV is on the agenda and has been for the past three days!

  9. Shhhh says:

    The good news is that being healthy in the FIRST place, your body is in a great position to fight this off. Imagine if you weren’t healthy, how horrible it would be.

    Sending healthy healing vibes: ~~~~~

  10. MamaBearJune says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    I got the vaccine on Friday. About a month ago, my son started to get feverish and achy and we started him on Tamiflu right away without knowing if it was regular flu or H1N1. He has CF, so his doctor had given us a prescription for Tamiflu to start if he developed symptoms. We can’t mess around with those kinds of infections!

  11. lissa10279 says:

    Thanks, MamaBear!! I’m glad your son got on it right away!!


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