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Feet-Flop Freak Out

November 2, 2009 by  
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This post is from guest blogger, YumYucky

“Feet-Flop Freak Out?”

I have Flintstone Feet Syndrome. They’re square, semi-wide, and terribly inappropriate for the sleek and sexy shoes all the stylish chicks wear. I tried to squeeze into a pair, but my toes howled all night and retaliated with pain inflicted to the balls of my feet. In another pair, my feet did pretty good until I damn near cracked my ankle from lack of high heel training. I tried to look cute on a busy street corner (no, don’t get the wrong idea), but twisted my ankle and fell off the curb. It was a complete fail considering all I wanted to do was cross the street.

Not only that, but my feet are neglected by loved ones. My husband apparently can’t regulate his own hand strength. His foot rubs make my feet feel like they’re being squashed in a vice (no thanks, dear). Instead, I resort to bribing my kids for foot rubs. It costs me $2-$3 per session. Begging never works. No cash. No foot rub. It really sucks.

I got a bum rap when God handed out feet. They simply don’t conform to the standards of perfection I desire. But isn’t it unrealistic and foolishly absurd to require perfection from any part of my body?

Despite the disadvantages of Flintstone Feet Syndrome, they kick ass in sneakers and can run, and jump, and sprint. I don’t mind if I can’t comfortably wear strappy high-heeled sexiness. My feet are pretty damn cool. I like them just fine.



9 Responses to “Feet-Flop Freak Out”
  1. Cait says:

    Hooray for feet that can do things! As a fellow ugly-foot sister, I applaud your ability to find the beauty-in-motion that your feet possess.

    And… I question whether anyone– our lovely-toed sisters as well as us flintstoners– can “comfortably wear strappy high-heeled sexiness”. Shoes like that aren’t fashion– they’re performance art!

  2. MizFit says:

    You going to fitbloggin?
    Im in for 1 free foot rub for you, Sister.

    I’ve got the same sorta feet.

    (Although my husband doesn’t pretend to proffer the rubs ;))

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    @Miz: YES! I will take the foot rub in Baltimore!

    @Cait: Woman! Your comment makes me smile. 🙂

  4. Marsha says:

    Ha! I’m known in my family as the ‘foot-rub pest.’ Famous for putting my feet in my brothers’ laps. They don’t say ‘no’ as quickly as my husband does as they see me much less often.

    The feet are great hikers, walkers, snowshoers, pretty much anything I want to do except walk in high heels. I’m thankful for them as I know when they weren’t able to do those things (before I found orthotics).

  5. living400lbs says:

    My feet tend to be really dry, especially if I wear sandals. Mostly I wear lace-ups with socks — not so trendy, but comfortable.

    Bonus: Rubbing lotion into my feet each morning before I put on socks. Feels fantastic 😉

  6. GeorgiaMist says:

    I have SMALL feet on this 5′ 3″ frame of mine. It’s only been since I had my daughter that they grew to a size 6.
    But, are they wide!
    I don’t wear high heels. Low-heeled pumps at best, flats most often, and sneakers preferred!
    Also, what is this “foot rub” of which you speak?

  7. Somebody's Mother says:

    Oh, I do love me some shoes! Not always been that way though. I have duck feet. That is if ducks had a super high arch. Skinny ankles (that seem to take naps at the most inappropriate moments), narrow heel, wide at the front. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with my feet because so many shoes hurt, didn’t fit, wouldn’t stay on. I also thought there was something(s) wrong with my body because I had similar issues with clothes. I was amazed to discover that most women are not born with some innate fashion/clothes/shoes/fabulousness that I was somehow deprived of. So, in what most would call mid-life, I am learning to dress myself. But I digress . . .
    With shoes, I sometimes can’t wear certain flats (and there are so many really cute ones these days!) because they don’t stay on my feet. A higher heel, with the right curve is much more comfortable for my foot than a slight heel that is a bit straighter. There are shoes that no matter how much I might want to wear them, it is like putting my foot in a vice and adding razor blades at key points. There are also those that can be quite comfortable with a slight adjustment (arch support, pads, etc)
    This may sound a bit silly but, I had to learn that I deserve to take a bit of time to find the right shoes for me. I get to decide what styles, heel heights, etc I am going to wear. I still have days when I can get sucked into what ‘”they” say I should be wearing. These days, when I leave the house, I get to walk out with happy feet. There’s nothing wrong with them. I just needed to give them the attention they deserve.

    • Yum Yucky says:

      We are so much alike. It’s great to hear I’m not alone. I really thought I was an odd ball. I wonder how many women have the same issue but are secretly dying in their shoes for the sake of looking good??

      A diva friend of mine once told me that keeping up with fashion sometimes means pain. Ugh. I just can’t do it.

      But don’t get me wrong. I love fashion and I don’t knock the gals that can “work it” (much respect to you ladies!), but I mostly have to spectate instead of participate.

  8. Frances says:

    I boycott high heels. Seriously. I’ve worn them three times and hope to never wear them again. They’re uncomfortable, they contort the body and they contort one’s walk. I honestly don’t think they’re sexy.

    Instead, I have a few nice pairs of ballet flats, a couple of cute roman sandals and so so so many pairs of bright coloured sneakers.

    I don’t buy heels, I buy kicks. My feet love me for it.

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