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I’ve been Exposed

October 29, 2009 by  
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I’ve been everything from a size 4 to an 18. I bore a child. I’ve had plastic surgery. I’ve weighed daily and hardly ever at all. I’ve binged. I’ve fasted.  For most of my life, I’ve been consumed with nothing but disdain for my body.

I may carry too much weight for some and be too thin for others. For some reason I always cared what others thought. Actually… let me rephrase that… I always feared what others thought. Call it age, call it wisdom, but I FINALLY figured out what I look like is irrelevant and what THEY think, even more so. How I feel is much, much, more important.

It’s taken me a really, REALLY long time to realize this and sometimes I still need to remind myself.

Recently on my blog, Roni’s Weigh, I “exposed” myself by focusing on all the good things my body represents to me

I asked others to do the same and I had tears of joy when they did. I can not represent all different bodies, shapes and sizes. I am just one. But collectively WE are the everyday woman. WE are the “normal”. WE are the “average”. Why? because we are. It’s as simple as that. I’m here to spread a message that WE ARE the norm NOT what the media is spewing in our direction.

I ended my post with this…

This is it. This is me. And as I work on accepting myself through this blog as I always have I hope to inspire you. If you have a blog do an “Exposed” post. Make a positive statement about your body. Get your readers to do the same. Imagine a world where the everyday body became the visual norm NOT what we see in magazines. Imagine growing up in a world where a young girl can see her body in a positive role model that didn’t focus on negativity about that body as they compare it to some absurd cultural norm but instead sees someone that looks like them and loves themselves unconditionally.

Maybe I’m being naive but I think this can work. I think this can make a difference. And as I write this with tears streaming down my face I know that this is what I needed to do for me.

I know it’s hard but now it’s your turn. Why do YOU love your body? What do you love about it? Are you willing to expose yourself?

Here are the women who answered so far…

and the woman who inspired me…


So I ask the WATRD community… Are you willing to expose yourself? You don’t have to do it publicly. Stand in a mirror and do it privately. It doesn’t matter as long you recognize that your body is so much more then how it looks.

If you blog and decide to do your own “Exposed” post please leave the link it in the comments. You have no idea how many women you can and will inspire to love themselves.



17 Responses to “I’ve been Exposed”
  1. Mish says:

    Amen. Thank you.

  2. GeorgiaMist says:

    No. Not quite in that way. But yesterday, I DID publish my “before” photos. I’m sure I topped 300 in the first two photos.
    I HATED to have my picture taken. H*A*T*E*D it.
    Now, it’s okay by me. I’m not here to please anyone except myself.
    I am who I am.
    Feel free to come by and check them out… they’re Before and During photos as I’m still in the process!

  3. GeorgiaMist says:

    Oops. My post disappeared.
    Anyway, I am not quite brave enough to expose any uncovered parts, but I DID post some (very embarassing and painful) BEFORE pics on my blog.

  4. fab Kate says:

    hmmm… I also did this a while back. Are you reading?

    Fab Kate Exposed

  5. missyrayn says:

    This was so freeing to do. I love reading the blogs of others who do this too. Thanks for starting this Michelle and sharing the movement Roni.

  6. Yum Yucky says:

    I stand the mirror everyday. But not always to be positive way. Ugh. I do love my body, but the old judgmental habits (of my own self) die hard.

  7. julie says:

    I don’t have any full size mirrors, just moved out of a place with huge mirrored closets, it’s a bit strange. At this point, the most I’ll give myself is “not so terrible”, but this is absolutely something I need to work on.

  8. Nats says:

    The idea of doing that scares me! But I have done something similar in the past and I ended up sitting there for 4 hours trying to find the real me. Dont know if I could go there again.


  9. Lissa says:

    LOVE this post, Roni. What a bold step, honestly … I will do this when I get back home (I’m visiting family in NJ now)

  10. This post brought tears to my eyes. I seriously thought about not making a comment at all because it is so hard to do what you have done. I immediately thought there is no way on earth I could take a picture of myself like that. I instantly I started comparing what you are that I am not…yet. Instead of appreciating the body I have today…now.
    You have to know I say all of that after I have done a heck of a lot of work and made huge progress in my own self acceptance.
    You have given me something to really ponder and think about in the future. I would love to get to this point and love my body just how it is.

  11. KatieP says:

    I’ve joined the revolution
    Thanks for the inspiration Roni ~ we can be the change we wish to see in the world ♥

  12. kimbritt says:

    I haven’t the most meaningful response in the world here, Roni, but I did want to tell you I loved this post. Positive rules!


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