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Pay it forward: Women helping women

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We have been asked a favor, and I hope you will all lend a hand for a good cause. Just a few minutes of your time, could help Michal Finegold win an animation contest and be featured on the history channel–quite an honor for this ambitious woman.

Here is her story


revolutionRecently, I came across an animation contest called “The People Speak” – a contest in partnership with the History Channel. Contestants are provided with many speeches from American history, performed by various well known actors, and we are challenged to choose one and plan a 30 second animation for it.

The winners will develop their storyboard/idea into a fully done animation to be featured in a special on the History Channel!

Of all the possible soundtracks, the one that immediately jumped out at me was Susan B. Anthony’s address to Judge Ward Hunt. Perhaps it is because I am a woman in a male dominated field (computer animation), or perhaps I’d feel this way regardless, but I knew I simply HAD to do something with this and help our voice be heard. So, my talented friend and I created a proposal for a feminist-themed animation with that soundtrack, and we invite you all to view it – and hopefully rate it highly, leave positive feedback, share it, thus helping us win the contest.


In this animation, Susan B. Anthony’s address to Judge Ward Hunt reaches across time to women and men today, calling them to unite and continue the fight for equal rights. Please go here to view:

To leave feedback or rate, which would further our chances to be chosen for the History channel, you need to register with an email address and log in. We’d LOVE it if any of you do so, but even just sharing this with you all to view is a wonderful feeling for us. So thank you!!! And thanks to the bloggers featuring this!!!

The background story:

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) was a leader of the women’s movement, fighting for our rights, particularly the right to vote. In an act of protest, she illegally voted – along with several other brave women – in the 1872 U.S. presidential election. She and the others were arrested, and she pled her case before Circuit Court Judge Ward Hunt, defiantly asserting that her constitutional rights had been violated. The Judge declared her guilty without even allowing her to take the witness stand. She was sentenced to a fine, and in this bold address she refuses to pay it.

She never did. She worked tirelessly for women’s suffrage and continued to publish her weekly journal, The Revolution. She died 14 years, 5 months and 5 days before the 19th amendment passed, allowing women to legally vote.

And her legacy lives on.

Today, American women are still faced with injustice and anti-feminist backlash. Many women and men continue to believe on some level that women are less than, and undeserving of the same rights. The right to equal pay for equal work, the right not to be abused, the right to control our own bodies, the right to refuse sexual advances, to name a few. Not to mention the alarming position of women in many other countries, where rights are nowhere NEAR equal.

It’s important to see how far we’ve come but also how far we have left to go, and remember that we CAN make a change. It is up to all of us, women and men alike, to continue to fight for equal rights. It starts with each one of us, and when we unite and reach out to each other, especially with all our modern means of communication, we really can change the world.



No Responses to “Pay it forward: Women helping women”
  1. cggirl says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! We really appreciate it, and whether we move forward in the competition or not, it warms our hearts whenever another person views it 🙂

    Keep up the blogging, I keep coming back here and finding more interesting discussions.

  2. jl3wis says:

    cggirl rulz! I love the clip and will vote!

  3. cggirl says:

    Thanks jl3wis and thanks to everyone else!!!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Somehow in re-ordering paragraphs of the post, the most important of all was deleted!
    You see, originally after the link I had written:
    The artwork you see was done by the wonderfully talented Toby Cochran. I was just the girl with the initial idea, but without Toby it wouldn’t have come to fruition. 🙂

    Now that that’s gone I feel TERRIBLE and I want you all to know what an amazing job Toby Cochran did!! I am not good at drawing characters, I just had an idea for the story, and then Toby stepped in and worked tirelessly drawing the frames AND adding more ideas to the mix. So sorry Toby! If mamaV sees this perhaps she can add that?

    If we ever do develop this, with or without the History Channel’s interest, I then I will have the pleasure of painting in some color and doing some animation on these amazing character designs… Then if I squint, for a moment I will almost feel like I am as talented, haha.

    Sadly we did not make it to the next stage. But I hope that we can still develop this animation and enter it as a “wildcard”, and/or develop more meaningful animations in the future.

  4. Mike York says:

    Go TOby GOOOOO!!!! great work man

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