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First lady wears shorts, entire world freaks.

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I loved when Michelle Obama got every ones undies in a bundle when she wore sleeveless blouses, and didn’t  back down when she caught serious flack for it.

Then, she dared to wear shorts not only in public, but on Air Force One. They were not just shorts, but short-shorts. The thigh skimming kind that are generally reserved for teenagers!

To that I say – RIGHT ON!

The description of her fashion choice in the The Washington Post cracked me up;

“Not the kind of knee-grazing Bermudas or pedal pushers that the fashion industry has long advocated as work-appropriate sportswear during the summer months. They were not tailored, nor were they masquerading as a skirt. Michele Obama was wearing play shorts — the kind of casual cotton fare.”

Play shorts? Ok…that’s a new one.

I love that our first lady is casual, dressing as she sees fit and not bending to the traditional, dowdy first lady rules of fashion.

Most importantly, her choice shows her self confidence and positive body image. She is exactly the kind of role model we need.

Plus, she was headed to one of the most sweltering places in the nation where it is simply hotter than the hinges.

Elizabeth Snead of the LA Times said it best; “what should she have worn to the Grand Canyon? A tweed pantsuit? A ballgown? What do you wear on your summer vacation?”

What’s your take?



8 Responses to “First lady wears shorts, entire world freaks.”
  1. MB says:

    I think she looked great in her short shorts. She is on vacation so she had to wear her play shorts. I’m glad she’s breaking the wardrobe “rules.”

  2. missincognegro says:

    While the shorts issue is an interesting one, Michelle Obama’s fashion choices aren’t as compelling to me as the controversy surrounding Caster Semenya.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    It’s great to see someone in such a high position just having fun, living life and being a regular person – like all of us.

    Unfortunately, I shy away from the short shorts because of my thick thighs. My waist is one size, but my thighs are another, and I sometimes have to go up a size just to have the pants/shorts fit over my thighs. This, of course, makes the waist part too big. I don’t mind my thighs (mostly), but sometimes it’s a hassle finding clothes that are comfortable and fit right. Ugh.

  4. lissa10279 says:

    I personally hate shorts, but I love how confident Michelle Obama rocks all her clothes, oozing confidence in whatever she wears. She wears what works for HER and I love that.

    The fact that this was even a news story in the media made me want to poke my eyes out, but at the same time, I’m glad she’s showing women out there that they can be themselves and proud of it.

  5. catgal says:

    I’m going to be the “square” and disagree. When you are the president of the united states or his wife, just like celebraties the camera are ALWAYS on you. But the president and his wife are not hollywood stars. They are the First Family, the entire world is watching them. I think that Mrs. Obama could have dressed a bit more smartly and been just as comfortable. Just like in business it is appropriate to dress for the job and in government the level of respect that you command. When the Obama’s go on vacation they do not stop being the First Family. A casual attitude about dress may convey a casual attitude about govenment and it’s policy to the world.

    As an aside, she looked fine in the shorts and I am glad that she is seen as a good role model. But she knew there were going to be cameras when she got off that plane.

    • Susan says:

      A casual attitude about dress may convey a casual attitude about govenment and its policy to the world.

      True – but I’d only say that if Obama turned up to a press conference with, for example, toothpaste on his tie.

      By dressing the way she does on holiday, the First Lady is showing that she can relax when she wants to.

  6. TWoP Fan says:

    Those aren’t short shorts. The hem is at least 7 inches. The majority of her thigh is covered. This shouldn’t be an issue and is sexism at it’s worst.

  7. FatNSassy says:

    Amazing how this society can trivialize things. MSM and Uncle Sam downplaying economic crisis = major big deal. Our First Lady in shorts = nonissue. And she looks nice in them!

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