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The Belly Project

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I stumbled on an interesting blog today called “The Belly Project.”

How many of us would send in their picture and what would your heading say?

My heading would be:

“40 years old in 17 days , 2 pregnancies, 2 babies, lived to tell about it, 0 more.”

To participate, e-mail your belly picture, your age, and your reproductive history to





20 Responses to “The Belly Project”
  1. lissa10279 says:

    What an interesting blog! I love how these women have put themselves out there so unabashedly. Definitely nice to see how women do, indeed, come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. ronisweigh says:

    You know I’m doing this! Love it!

  3. Mishy says:

    ugh. this is wrong. wrong on many many levels. i don’t even want to look at my own stomach let alone these.

    • Heids says:

      Maybe you would like to define on what levels these pictures are “wrong.” Your comment perfectly demonstrates how someone’s self-hatred can lead them to hate other people’s bodies. Also, maybe click the link and check out the blog itself. These women are bravely celebrating and accepting their bellies when so many factors (including comments like yours) tells them they shoudn’t.
      Doesn’t seem wrong to me.

    • gemfit says:

      how is this wrong?

    • cicadasinmay says:

      Yeah, how dare they not hate their bellies! Especially the ones that don’t look like magazine models!

    • Meems says:

      Projecting your own self hate is not the only wrong here; it does you a huge disservice by reinforcing the idea that we should judge women based on how their “imperfections.” It sounds like you should consider speaking to someone about your issues with your body.

  4. living400lbs says:

    Cool. Interesting that they’re focusing on age and reproductive history and not weight.

    FYI, Marilyn Wann’s fat acceptance book Fat!So? did similar, with shots of people’s bottoms, bellies, chins and upper arms.

  5. diana says:

    What a great idea! Love it..and aren’t they brave! I wouldn’t do it now with 0 kids! lol.
    OOH, and great that a book did it for fat acceptance. All sorts of great ideas thrown out today 🙂

  6. Laura Brandon says:

    I sent my belly in! I LOVE this site! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. tea says:

    This is a fab idea! there’s actually another site doing a very similar project called The Rebellyon:

    This site was started in support of indie-punk musician Amanda Palmer, who’s record label gave her ish over showin’ her belly, as they deemed it “not music video worthy” or whatever. Fans started sending in photos of their own fabulous bellies of all shapes and sizes, and a revolution was born!

    Anyway — I hope projects like this continue to bloom and grow . . . its such a wonderful way to celebrate our own bodies — as well as other people’s! Viva la revolution! 🙂

  8. clairemysko says:

    Thanks for posting this, Heather. We’re featuring The Belly Project in the resources section of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? I think images like these are important because there are so few opportunities for us to see what women’s bodies really look like after pregnancy and childbirth–especially in our “get your prebaby body back” culture.

    We interviewed so many mothers who said they felt bad about themselves after reading the details of Celebrity A’s new mom diet and workout plan or looking at pictures of Celebrity B in a bikini less than a month after giving birth. Most new mothers are recovering and trying to get a handle on taking care of an infant at that point, and EVERY woman’s body will be changed, even if she loses every pound she gained during pregnancy. But that reality is conveniently obscured by tabloid coverage. Fortunately, it’s revealed and celebrated in these images.

  9. gemfit says:

    This made me cry. It came at the perfect time for me because I’ve been obsessing about the size of my belly all week for no reason at all.

    Checking out this site made me realise/remember that every shape is normal – no shape is more normal or less normal. Our bodies adapt to our lives and show strength and experience.

    I need to bookmark this site for the next time I forget this.

  10. Sarah Hannah says:

    Thank you. This is awesome!

  11. Michelle @ No Time to Weight says:

    I love this site and think it’s such a great idea to be able to see *real* unphotoshopped tummies! I came across a very similar one when I was preggers w/ Babe #1 in 2003 and loved seeing all the different shapes and sizes.

  12. lara says:

    I love it! And I love love LOVE that they don’t have weight or size below these. If they had, it would have become a “where do I place” contest — “does my belly look thinner than hers? bigger than hers?”

    As it is, it feels much more like a freeing expression of a part of our bodies that we often hide from the world. Really lovely, actually.

  13. lara says:

    Hm, I might have spoken too soon — some women do seem to be sucking in, making excuses for being bigger than they’d like, etc. Maybe a little more competitive than I’d hoped….

  14. zackick says:

    it was great. Thank


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