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What Do You Love About Your Body?

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I think we all (especially women) spend way too much time criticizing ourselves. Personally, I spent 15 years not happy in my own skin. Not swimming with friends because I didn’t want to wear a bathing suit, not dancing at weddings because I didn’t like the way I looked in my dress, not buying clothes that fit because I wanted to hide under oversized jeans and t-shirts.  Some of you may think “yeah, well, it’s easier for you now to be confident, you lost the weight”. But I’m here to tell you it was the opposite. First, I learned how to love myself, then I started to lose weight.

Something happened to me after I had “the toddler”. I realized how beautiful, valuable and important my body really is. I remember hiking with a friend and wearing a tank top about month after giving birth. Now, I would NEVER be caught dead without sleeves, NEVER.  Geesh, I even spent months looking for a long sleeve wedding dress! And here I was 200lbs, carrying my newborn in a sling and hiking with a friend. I didn’t care my arms weren’t “model” thin. I was out living life, enjoying myself and keeping cool (it was a HOT day and who wants to wear sleeves on a hot day anyway?)

The point I’m trying to make (not sure if I’m doing a good job of it) is that I had a defining moment where I realized it’s not worth it to be unhappy about my body. I had to accept myself for me at THAT moment if I was to grow and continue on my journey. It wasn’t easy (I think we established that). It took a lot of mental coaching and positive self talk. Yes, I actually have looked in the mirror and said, “This is you, DEAL WITH IT!” while wearing something I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in, like a tank top!

So my answer to this simple question is so much more then a particular body part (although I’ve always liked my neck – weird, I know) what I love about my body is that it is healthy, strong, and has the ability to change. I love that my body has grown and nurtured a life. And I love that my body allows me to enjoy life to the fullest, I know not everyone is that lucky.

Your turn… :~)


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38 Responses to “What Do You Love About Your Body?”
  1. missincognegro says:

    I like my legs. I used to not wear shorts, and for many years, because I thought my legs were too thick, and that they needed to be thin in order to wear shorts. They are big, but they are toned.

    Then, I asked my father what he thought. This was many years ago. He told me that I should wear shorts, and that shorts are not just for skinny girls. 🙂

  2. I like my eyes, yes this is a really hard one.

    I see a need to work on this.
    Thank you for awekening this in me.

    • FOOTDR69 says:

      My smile!! I do my best to wear it OFTEN!! I’ve been told that it brighten people’s Day! That is a Win Win because their compliment brightens mine!! I also love the “Power” Of my body!! No matter what the challenge, It comes in STRONG and ALWAYS FINISHES!! 😉

  3. I love my skin. Weird answer, right? But I do. I LOVE it. It is soft, its smooth, it heals itself, it feels nice. And I am comfortable in it, physically and metaphorically speaking. My body isn’t perfect and I’m still working on being the healthiest me possible, but overall I like the whole package.

  4. Taryl says:

    I love my eyes, hair, and hands. My eyes see my beautiful family, my hair delights my husband, and my hands work hard for those most important to me.

    But like you, that took many years to admit, especially when self-love and petty vanity are often confused.

  5. MizFit says:

    Im totally with you on this.
    For me it was only AFTER it became not about the looks of the vessel but about what my body could DO FOR ME did I finally shed 30+ pounds.

    what do I love about my body? that it continually finds it within itself to hoist 38 pounds over and over and over even when my daughter screams UPPPPIE!! and I think I can not do it one more time 🙂

  6. busymom23 says:

    I love my legs! I’ve worked really hard over the last year, and they’re toned and STRONG! (I’ve lost 87 lbs over the past year!)

  7. Susi says:

    My hips! And my legs. And my butt! And my arms! My grey eyes and my button nose! Oh shucks, I love the whole thing, even this adorable buddha belly!

  8. Apple says:

    I love my wrists and a beauty mark I have right below my navel.

  9. Shannan says:

    My legs have always been my leanest, most toned part of my body. They’re also strong, so I’d say they are my favorite part.

  10. Tracie says:

    At first I was going to pick my hair. I really do love my hair. It is thick and wavy. I also love my eyes. They have a tendency to change colors depending on my mood, clothing or surroundings.

    The more I thought about it though, I really love my whole body. Without I wouldn’t have been able to carry both of my children. It also provided the only food they had for their first 6 months of life. Sure my body isn’t “perfect”, but it is mine. It has given me the 2 best people in the world.

  11. inthemainstream says:

    I love my strength, especially in my legs. I often joke that I’m built Tonka tough, and that really comes through in my sturdy bottom half. Feeling like I’m physically resilient helps me feel more mentally resilient.

  12. MA says:

    Ohhh… I love my legs (thanks mom!) and my feet and my wrists and my eyes and my lips and my curves. I have awesome, healthy, shiny hair too! Go me!

  13. Meems says:

    I really like most of my face, especially my mouth and my eyes, which are slightly almond shaped due to some central Asian ancestry. Also I love that I have a dimple.

    But my real answer is how strong I am. I’ll never be skinny, but I’m naturally muscular and was even as a baby (I skipped the whole pulling myself into a standing position and apparently just stood up in the middle of my parents’ living room at 6 months old). I appreciate that I can walk up the hill to my third floor apartment without getting winded and that I can push myself and just get stronger.

  14. diana says:

    My large hips 🙂 It makes me womanly. And, if I so chose to produce offspring, should be more than adequate to hold a little one 🙂

  15. briannefranklin says:

    Dude, my legs are insane. Solid muscle and so, so strong. They aren’t slender legs by any stretch of the imagination but they are shapely and capable of so much!

  16. jen (@bwJen) says:

    My fave things about my body have always been my eyes & hair! I have beautiful blue eyes and really thick & healthy long hair! I have always loved them!

    NOW, I have a new love of my body! MY FEET!! why, you ask?? because my feet have carried me a long way. My feet have helped me walk away 40 pounds & my Feet have helped me avoid ankle surgery! My feet are strong!!

  17. Meg says:

    I love my green eyes. I love the shapes and colors of my breasts. I love my thick, muscular legs. I love that my skin is clear and beautiful after nearly eight years of struggling to find a treatment that actually works. I love my big, round ass. I love my soft, plump, pink mouth (and I love shopping for cosmetics and stumbling over lipsticks in the same shade, LOL). I love my diamond-hard fingernails. There are parts of my body that I don’t like, but I find that the less I obsess over diet and exercise, the more of my body I love. I only hope that someday I’ll learn to love all of my body! ^^

  18. Hanlie says:

    I have also managed to look past the imperfections and like the whole package. My body is indeed a wonderland!

    I get the most compliments for my eyes…

  19. Laine says:

    Lots of things. Right now I love that my arms could do 2 chaturangas last night with straight legs, and I love that it is taking me so far on my bike lately. My lungs, I love my lungs, they are getting stronger. And my legs are strong.

  20. Jen says:

    I’ve always liked my ankles. Maybe that’s why I always put my temporary tatoos there? Hmmmm.

  21. mamaV says:

    Hey Roni- you really do have an awesome neck! Swan like 🙂

    For me? Abs. I’ve always had a nice stomach, even through pregancies they stayed tight and strong with minimal effort.

    What else….my facial expressions and gestures, they help show the person I am and my sense of humor.

    Great topic!

  22. Brenda Shaw says:

    I love my figure. I think my fat has settled in the right places. Once I found a shop that sold athletic wear in my size, I was surprised at how good I looked in a sleek yoga jacket.

    I also like my hands. I remember reading a Laura Ingalls Wilder book where Laura was comparing her own “strong, capable” hands to another girl’s white, slender, delicate ones. I think Laura wished her hands could be like Nellie’s, but I was glad I had hands like Laura’s. They are squarish and a bit sinewy.

  23. lissa10279 says:

    I love my eyes. They’re the same exact blue as my mom, dad, brother, and sister and connect my family … and they’re what won my husband over 🙂 Well, besides my curvaceous and tight butt 😉 Working out does have it’s benefits. What God ignored up top … he sure gave me on the bottom 🙂

    I also love my hour-glass shape that has remained so, regardless of my weight.

  24. julia says:

    I love my whole body. I love it’s strength and resiliancy, and my awareness of it’s ultimate fragility increases my desire to make the most of this single opportunity I will ever have to live inside my one and only self.

    I also have to agree with a previous poster – I wasted many years and tears on weight loss schemes that never worked. After I started caring more about treating my body well than I did about losing weight – I got fit and healthy and lost a lot of weight. Effortlessly, in comparison to my previous, weight-focused attempts, and without all the guilt, stress, and restrictive eating. I’m still surprized by this.

  25. jessica says:

    what a great question. I think I’m kind of like you, Roni. I am amazed at all my body can take, has taken, and will continue to endure….it has seen me through unhealthy-thin, unhealthy-heavy (i HATE the word f-a-t) and currently healthy and in shape/fit It grew and then birthed my daughter and the was her sole meaning of food for almost a full year. everyday, it takes me places, allows me to keep up with an always active almost 3 year old, and continues to encourage my husband to snuggle up close at night 🙂

    On a slightly vain note, I will admit I love my legs. even at my heaviest they are shaply, muscular and well…I just like them 🙂

  26. Lindsay says:

    I think I like my freckles and stomach best.

  27. Leely says:

    I have fantastic breasts. 🙂

    Even with having a problem, at one time or another, with practically every other part of my body, I’ve been happy with my breasts since high school. Not sure how or why, but I’m not complaining.

  28. Deeleigh says:

    I just had to have a hip replaced because of osteoarthritis resulting from a car accident I was in 20 years ago. So, I haven’t been as active as usual for the past few years, I’ve put on 20 pounds. I love how my body looks now, and clothes fit SO much better. I used to be very pear shaped, but all the weight I’ve gained has gone to my chest, and I’m up to a large C cup (normally, I’m wear a 40B). I’m definitely plus-sized now rather than being in that awkward in-between range, and clothes fit me really well. I’ve always liked how dramatic my figure is, with big hips and butt and a relatively tiny waist, but it looks even better now that it’s more balanced. And, of course, I’m always loved the juxtaposition of strength and softness in my body; how I have a really strong, solid core that’s softened and shaped by fat over top. I’m looking forward to getting more active again, but I hope I keep this new balanced, voluptuous figure.

  29. Heather#2(?) says:

    I love my body’s resiliency. I’ve managed to injure it again and again but it keeps healing itself (or healing itself post-surgery).

    I’m beginning to love my stretch marks in the same way I love my tattoos and scars. They are maps of where I’ve come from, of my strength. Sometimes, I even think they kind of look like fireworks and everyone loves a good firework 🙂

  30. thefearandloathinginbrighton says:

    My Lips
    My round bum
    My reproductive system (seriously – how complex?)
    My right foot, where I have a new tattoo
    and…I know it’s not really a body ‘part’ but I love the way I, and everyonbe else, looks like when they laugh!

  31. Michelle @ No Time to Weight says:

    Shoulders, teeth and dimples! When I lost my excess weight, my dimples *really* started showing – who would’ve thought? Love it!

    I also love my body’s forgiveness. I really have put it through the ringer through years of yo-yo dieting and then four pregnancies and three births (I gained almost 80 pounds w/ babe #1!!!). I am always amazed at how it has the ability to get stronger, faster and healthier when you treat it kindly :-).

  32. JMegan says:

    I actually looked at myself in the mirror last night, and realized that I love my stomach. Or rather, I looked at myself and realized that I could *learn* to love my stomach – as it is, right this minute.

    It’s not as flat as it was when I was on the swim team in high school, but it has done something truly amazing in the meantime. My body, all on its own, built and laboured and delivered a baby. A beautiful, strong, healthy, baby – grown in my beautiful, strong, healthy body.

    It’s not the same body it used to be – but whose is? And I’m pretty sure I won’t always be thinking so positively when I look at my stomach in the mirror, but I can confidently say that I thought it at least once.

    And if I can remember that thought, and that moment – well, that’s the first step towards thinking it again. I’ll keep practicing, I promise!

  33. Peepers says:

    It’s interesting to me to note the different ways in which people interpret the question, “What do you love about your body?” For the most part, people are picking a body part or two that they like and talking about the pieces/parts of their anatomy they find copasetic. A few people are describing valued characteristics of their whole bodies like strength and resilience.

  34. Staci says:

    I love my hazel eyes, my thick hair and my smile. Oh, and I’ve always liked my ears. I love my breasts – even though they are far from ideal, they’re mine and damn it, they feel good. Oh, I also crush hard on my brain.

  35. natcho says:

    I love my nose and ears. They’re tiny – so hopefully won’t be too big when I’m an old lady lol After losing 40lbs, I’m now in a great shape and I’m proud that I’ve kept my womanly curves on my hips, bum, and other places. I love that my body is so much stronger today to allow me to do more in my day, and push my limit more when exercising.

  36. Leili says:

    I love my potbelly–it’s so soft, full and smooth. I often play with it.

  37. FatNSassy says:

    I love my hips which are very large and lumpy! I was raised by a thin family who made fun of them. Worthless boyfriends did too. The only other person I ever saw who had hips like mine was a Cherokee woman. What do you know, I found out my biological father was 1/2 Cherokee! (And I am very proud of this heritage!) Studies have shown hip and thigh fat to be protective, pear shaped women have a LOWER rate of heart disease and diabetes! In ancient Polynesia, they loved hips. They had beauty contests where the woman with the lumpiest hips won! Funny, I just met a man from Hawaii I am starting to date. Hip, hip hurray!

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